Bacterial Vaginosis.thick, white, clumpy, smelly discharge?

For about 1 month I have been having a lot of thick, white, clumpy, smelly discharge; it also itches (no pain or burning when I urinate and no abdominal pain)… At first I thought it was a yeast infection and I took a Monistat 3….the symptoms did not go away….so I went to see the doctor and was told that I have BV….I was prescribed a vaginal gel insert that I had to take for 5 days….but before I could take the insert I was given a very strong dose of antibiotics for my sinus infection…I finished the antibiotics and waited 1 week before I began the vaginal inserts…… I’ve now finished the vaginal inserts however I am still having the same symptoms. What could it be? Has anyone ever had this problem?


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5 Responses to Bacterial Vaginosis.thick, white, clumpy, smelly discharge?

  1. MrsJorasimms says:

    The antibiotics may have interferred with the medication for BV. Speak with your doctor and describe what is going on. You may have developed a yeast infection from the antibiotics or the BV may not have cleared completely up.

  2. Chris says:

    What you have is indeed a yeast infection. My doctor said that can be a side effect of taking antibiotics for sinus infections. Have you taked to your doctor? More than likely you will need something stronger than an over the counter yeast infection insert. You might want to use a treated Masingall douche to help clean out whatever infection is still there.

  3. 1 Truth says:

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  4. 80L says:

    Antibiotics are almost guaranteed to give you a yeast infection. Usually if I am sick and prescribed antibiotics, I get a little pink pill with it called Diflucan, which gets rid of yeast infections almost instantly. Go back to your doctor and ask for the Diflucan. Take your regular treatment for the BV, and just make sure you take care of yourself, use mild and scentless soap, and eat healthy.

  5. audrey j says:

    You need to go back to your Dr. and get the metrodiazanol gel or pills again and also ask for the yeast infection pill that is a one time dose. It stays in your system for I think 5–7 days and you should get rid of both. The yeast pill will prevent you from getting it when you take the metro.

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