Bacterial vaginosis? how long does it take to go away


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how long does it take to go away and what if you took half of you medication. can it still go away on its own?

i have noticed a huge change down there for the better and i have stopped taking my meds. thanks.

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  1. DO NOT STOP taking the meds. If you do not take the full dose of meds you could still have the bacteria there and it could flare up again and you would have to see the doc again for another whole course of meds. Why would you risk having it flare up again by not finishing your meds?

  2. just take the medication your doctor gave you, as prescribed and it will prob. take 2 weeks.

  3. that is the problem with people taking antibiotics, they start feeling better half way through their medication, therefor possibly not killing all of the bacteria in your vagina. Finish you medication. You doctor would not have prescribed you the 10 days, or whatever he/she prescribed, if you did not need to take it all.

  4. You need to finish all your med even if you feel you are getting better it is a bacterial infection and you need to complete all antibiotic otherwise since it is bacterial it will come back and could spread inside to your cervix and that is harder to treat.

  5. If you were given an antibiotic for the infection you should take the whole treatment and not stop half way through it. That is why antibiotics are not working as well as they used to. Because when you take half, the bacteria might be on it's way out of your system but there could be a little bit left that will eventually make it come back. And then when you are given the same antibiotic, it will not work as good because your body already has developed a resistance to that bacteria.

  6. you shouldn't stop taking the meds – what may happen now is that some remaining organisms will survive, and you may get it again. Next time take the full prescribed course of medication.

  7. Yes you need to take all the medicine that the doctor told you to take even if you are better now. I am the worlds worst for not finishing my medicine as I hate taking medicine very long. I don't like taking pills and hate shots. That infection will not go away on it's own either, it will just get worse.

    As a matter of fact I hate medicines that take for ever to get rid of something. That is why I do research from time to time trying to find short cuts in getting rid of certain things. I did find one thing that will get rid of an infection like that. It is Alka-Seltzer original. So the next time that I had it, I took it just the package said. To my surprise the burning and itching stopped by the time that I urinated the next time. 3 doses later, the infection was gone.

    Now here is another funny thing that I did. I went to my doctor with the infection. He told me what all to do and set another appointment for me. I did not take what he wanted me to take, I took the Alka-Seltzer original instead. I went to see what it was that I had.The next time I went to see him. There was no sign of the infection. I told him what I did and he was surprised himself. It kills the infection in a matter of hours instead of days. Almost instant relief. So from that day on, I get an infection I take Alka-Seltzer and it is good bye infection. Plus all the money that I save.

  8. It is always better to finish the bottle off as your doctor prescribed because Bacterial Vaginosis can come back and Yeah the symptoms may be gone but who's to say it's totally gone??
    I had BV at one point and my doctor prescirbed me medication, the symptoms were gone by the 4-5th day but i continued to take the rest of the bottle so i was sure the infection was gone…Alot of people say when you get BV your more likely to get it again..Well it's been over a year and i have not gotten this infection again..
    Just to be on the safe side finish the rest of the bottle off for your own sake, you don't want it coming back….
    Good luck!

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