Bacterial vaginosis? From my boyfriend?


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EVERYTIME I have sex with my boyfriend it comes back. I get it treated then as soon as we have sex it comes right back! Can he carry it? It doesn't mean he's having sex with another girl who has right?

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  2. Well women can get it through diff ways not sex ….so u probably got it and gave it to him. So once u cure it wen u have sex with him again he gives it bac to u. He can use the same creams u use to treat urs.

  3. Has your boyfriend seen a doctor about it? Maybe he got it and needs to be treated and that could be why you keep getting it. If he's been treated, go see the gynecologist and get a check up and discuss it.

  4. Right. It doesn't mean he's having sex with another girl.

    Make sure you are both clean, and make sure he doesn't touch your butt with anything that touches your vagina (including fingers)

    Sometimes women can get BV because semen changes the vaginal pH. The normal vaginal pH promote the 'good bugs' and protects against bad ones. Semen can change it.

    I found a product that has really helped me. It's called RepHresh. It's a gel that helps maintain the vaginal pH. You use it every few days, or can just use it when you feel like things are getting slightly off balance (you don't have to use it during sex). It really cured my recurring BV.

    You can find it at CVS and probably other drug stores. It's kind of pricy, though.

  5. Follow the link below, I hope it can answer some of your questions…..(it does state it is not thought to be an STI)….

  6. Men can absolutely be carriers of yeast and BV — especially if they're uncircumcised.

    You should tell your doctor and have your BF see HIS doctor and both of you get treated in tandem. Until both of you are treated completely, you will continue to spread it back and forth and you will never get rid of it!

  7. He could be having sex with others.
    If it keeps coming back, ask him to see a doctor. If you've taken all of your medicine (Metronidazole, right?) and NOT had sex with him until AFTER the medicine, it shouldn't be coming back.
    I had it and my doctor told me it happens when women have different partners, (I was only sleeping with one guy at the time) or if he is sleeping with more than one person.
    I am not sure about being a carrier, however it does seem likely that the two of you could just be passing it back and forth.
    It can also be brought on by using scented feminine products. She told me to absolutely NEVER douche. Never use Norform, Summers Eve feminine wash, or any scented tampons or panty liners. She also told me to make sure I use DOVE or Oil of Olay body bars to wash. NO SOAPS. These things can also contribute.
    Ask him outright if he is sleeping with others. It's your body, you deserve to know.

  8. It does not mean he is having sex with another girl. Yes, he CAN carry it and transfer it back to you. You both need to be treated. And no sex until the RX is completely gone.

  9. BV is NOT sexually transmitted. Besides, it is called bacterial VAGINOSIS…as in a vagina…not a penis. It is not a disease and it is not carried by men. You are not passing it back and forth to each other.

    It is caused by (as mentioned by previous posters) a pH imbalance in your vagina. It can be caused by his semen, or just by the act of intercourse itself. It disrupts the normal levels present in your vagina. If you are relatively new to this relationship, a few months give or take, and you have been celebate before this, it is not uncommon to encounter BV as a result of the "trauma" (word my gyn used) of sex.

    You need to take the entire course of antibiotics (flagyl) and you cannot have sex until you have finished it. Even one day will throw you right back into the cycle of BV. There are no over the counter remedies for this either.

    It sucks, I know. I have been there myself recently. I asked my doctor a million questions to be sure that I knew exactly what I was in for. And I even specifically asked if my bf needed treatment…and the asnwer was no.

    Best bet; shower before sex, absolutely urinate afterwards (also helps ward of UTI's) and wash yourself afterwards. NEVER EVER douche…you are asking for BV with that one.

    Good luck and I hope it goes away soon!

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