Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and High white blood cell count.?


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Hi. I went to the doctors today to get tested for BV, I was sure I had it. And I do. So she prescribed me oral and vaginal antibiotics. I have not been with more than one person in the past 3 years, and neither has my partner. But my doctor told me that I have a high white blood cell count, which signals another kind of infection other than BV. She told me it could be chlamydia, gonoreah or Trich. Or it may be nothing. Now, I've been tested for these in the past 3 years, more than once, and never came back positive. And since my BF and I have not had other partners, what else could this be?

She also prescribed me medication for a yeast infection. Although she said she tested for it, but it came back negative, it could just be that I do have it and the test doesn't recognize it. I have also been on antibiotics on and off for a few months now, so that is why she wants me to take the yeast meds.

But what else could this be? She said my cervix looks good. But I do have HPV.
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I am a 21 year old female. My parter and I have not been with anyone else in 3 years. We have been together this long. I have been tested LOTS in the past for all of those STD's. None ever came back positive. As far as how many sexual partners I, or my BF has had, is none of your business, considering that wouldn't help with anyone's answer to my question. I do not have anal sex. I have practiced safe sex in partners before my BF, but my BF and I no longer use condoms. And using both a female and a male condom at the same time is NOT what anyone should so, since the rubbers can rub up against each other and cause them both to break easily.

Please, educated answers only. And I'd rather have an older woman, or someone the same age, answer these questions. Thank you.

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  1. It could be are you positive your bf has had no other partners?Have you tried anal sex then he didn't clean self properly?how many bf have you had in lifetime?Do you always practice safe sex?How many gf has he had in lifetime?There is vaginal condoms as well as condoms for men you need to use both.This is what you need to think about.

  2. As your doctor says, a high white blood cell count wouldn't be from BV. It wouldn't be from HPV either.

    The trouble is, there's a HUGE number of things that can cause a high white blood cell count… and sometimes it turns out to be nothing at all.

    If your doctor is worried about the high white blood cell count, she'll need to sit down with you and ask a fair number of questions – any signs of pneumonia? Any signs of appendicitis? Any signs of skin infection? Any signs of urinary tract infection? Any signs of viral infection? Are you on steroids? etc. etc. etc. After the possibilities are narrowed down with the conversation, more targeted testing can be carried out.

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