Bacterial Vaginosis but no odor ?


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My doctor said I have bacterial vaginosis, so they prescribed me metronidazole gel for five days. Is it possible to have BV but no odor? Or does the odor only occur during sex? Because I’ve had sex and there is never an odor present. Is it safe to have sex (using a condom) after I’ve completed my 5 day treatment ?

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  2. Yes the vaginal odor is one of the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. The odor may or may not be there- in case your doctor has diagnosed your condition as bacterial vaginosis bv then you must be suffering from it.

    You can have safe after you are completely free from vaginosis. BV is not a sexually transmitted disease. However having intercourse before the infection clears up completely may aggravate your condition instead of improving it.This is because the male semen is alkaline in nature while the female vagina is slightly acidic in nature. The semen is capable of tipping off the acidic balance of the vagina and worsening the infection.

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