bacterial vaginosis and pregnancy test?

hey yall…
my dsughter was told yesterday that she has bacterial vaginosis..she is a few days late with her period, she took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came back neg. can the infection cause the test to be inaccurate? is it possible that she is pregnant and the test is wrong?

a very worried mother


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2 Responses to bacterial vaginosis and pregnancy test?

  1. The Terribly Plain Princess says:

    Bacterial vaginosis doesn't affect what they test for in the pregnancy test. There can be false negatives in general, though if she is late for her period it should be accurate by now.

  2. ~Kiss~ says:

    No, the bacteria won't affect the test. The tests detect HCG, so if there is none in her urine then she probably isn't pregnant. She can test again if her period hasn't returned though or maybe speak with her doc. since it could be caused by the bacteria.

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