Bacterial Vaginosis and Frequent Urination?


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I have a frequent urination problem. I have the urge to urinate all day long. I can't even go to the grocery store or mall because I have to stay in the restroom the whole time. After going to my PCP to be checked for UTI, which I knew it wasn't, they also did a pap to make sure it wasn't chlamydia or gonnorrea. My pap came back negative for STD'S but showed a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, strep B, and also Staph. My doctor gave me a 3 day prescription for Clindamycin vaginal Ovules. I am also taking doxycycline. Has anyone every experienced this problem. I honestly just want to curl up and sleep all day so I can keep from having to pee all day long. This is truly making my life miserable. Any suggestions welcome.
I am not diabetic and no UTI

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  1. Call your dr. again and ask if you can take meds to slow down the frequency. It may be that they want to clear up the infection first, which may be causing the frequent urination. It's also possible you may be diabetic, but I think it's just your body trying to flush itself out. Best wishes to you, I hope you feel better soon.

  2. got your e-mail. sit back because this is going to be long. but anything to help out someone in the same situation.

    I have been trying to battle this for months. But during my research I noticed that thousands of women go through this, and that they get bv or different reasons. I couldn't tell whether it was a yeast infection or bv because I had no odor (not that I'm complaining about that) Mines have a lot to do with the birth control pills that I'm taking (I'm guessing.) I've been through those nasty pills (I found that swallowing it with cranberry juice kills the taste. the trick is trying to have the pill slide down as quick as possible too) I've been thru the clindamax cream, and just got off the metronodizol gel a couple weeks ago. But
    statistcis show that most women have to go thru like six things of meds to get rid of it, some women get rid of it and it comes back within a week to four weeks. Why it's hard to get rid of I have no idea. Some women go through it for years. Mines is finally gone after taking this metronodizole gel 0.75%. but I'm not shouting yet because the stuff gave me a yeast infection which is very common with this stuff, and now I'm trying to get rid of the yeast. but if u do the gel, expect a white clumpy discharge, and it still works a few days after you're done with it. They say it's a possibilty that my bv can come back in a couple of weeks, but I'm crossing my fingers. My frequency finally started to clear up a week ago when the bv had cleared up, but came back when the yeast infection started up but it's not as irritating. but it does take a a little while for the bladder to go back to normal when the bacteria
    clears because of the inflammation. But my college nurse recommended that I start using Rephresh, which keeps that PH balance in place. It's a possiblilty that u can still get it repeatedly and women get it for different reasons. They can get it from multiple sex, they can be allergic to their partners sperm, they can get it the same reason y u get a yeast infection, I just found out that stress triggers it. But the multiple sex part is the reason why they have to test u for gono and chlamydia anyway, whether u have them or not. It's just something they have to do. My fiance was upset but it was just procedure. They got to the point where they didn't test me for that stuff at all because they knew I was clean. But start using Rephresh after this mess is over. I've took a break from it for a while. But start using that, and then lessen it up by just using it after intercourse and after your menstrual
    cycle is over. That's all I can tell u that might help out. Everyone's bodies r different so I don't know. Start eating fruits, and eating yogurt too. That's what I'm trying to do now. And use the soap lightly down there when u wash the vulva. don't douche if u do. This is what the rephresh is for. Hopefully this helps because this is what I got from researching for 3 months. Any more quesitons don't hesitate to ask. I know it's irritating and can get quite depressing. But u just have to keep taking the meds until it's over. And as soon as it's over, take that rephresh to try to prevent it from coming back! Hope I helped. Good luck..seriously! I'm wishing myself luck as well. Peace n luv hon

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