Bacterial Vaginosis 500 Mg pills- how do i take them? they are flagyl/metronidazole?

The pills are 500 mg
i have 30 total
i had bacterial vaginosis once before and i think it was 2 a day for a week, but dont remember the amount in each pill
ALSO: i know the obvious answer is to ask my doctor, well i am out of the country and got the pills without a prescription,
i knew that it was BV again and knew what i need to take, i just don't know the amounts now

thank you so much for your medical advice :)
the only reason i have 30 pills is because that is how many come in the package, it wasn't a specially selected number


Here is the selected answer for your question:

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2 Responses to Bacterial Vaginosis 500 Mg pills- how do i take them? they are flagyl/metronidazole?

  1. shawn says:

    this is treatments for bv
    1) a 7 day course of metronidazole 500 mg twice daily morning and evening effective in 85% of cases

    other supplemental/local treatment includes
    2)clindamycin 2% cream locally
    3)lactel –acidifying lactate gel 5ml applied daily for 7 days…

    hope this helps…
    take care and show to nearby doc asap

    and treat ur male partner too

  2. sleepy20_02 says:

    More than likely its one twice a day for 7 days…Im a pharmacy tech…and thats how it is regularly prescribed!

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