Bacteria Vaginosis?

If you never had sex, or any kind before? can you still have Bacteria Vaginosis, if you have
the fishy smells? because Ive been reading lately to help the fishy smells and all ive been reading about Bacteria Vaginosis has somethingto do with an std. and I heard that sometimes the smell is natural and i know FERSURE that when I started to get this smell or w.e I wasnt having any type of sex or even thinking about doing it @ alll " down there" and Does anyone, know if their is anything @ cvs or something you can help to treat it? Please dont say you need to go to the doctor. I know I do. I jus want to figure this out a little more/


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  1. betsyboop09 says:

    I believe that you can get bacteria vaginosis from just having an inbalance "down there". It doesn't necessarily have to be from an STD even though that's what most internet sites say. I know at CVS you could buy that home screening kit (I think maybe it's made my Monistat). Basically it's a little tool that has PH paper on it and measures the acidity of any fluids you have and can tell you if you have a yeast infection, or perhaps something like BV. You could also try some vagisil to see if this relieves you at all. The doctor is definitely the best bet if none of this works. I was terrified at first to see mine, but it really isn't that bad. They can do some simple tests to clear you right up!

  2. taylor says:

    See if you can go to the health food store and get some pro-biotics. Anything that has some acidophilus in it (like yogurts, preferably low in sugar) will help balance out the flora in your intestines and help reduce the yeast infection. For more immediate relief, I would consider an over the counter medication like Vagisil or Monistat. Sometimes stress can trigger these things, sometimes diets high in sugar and white flours can trigger them, too…..good luck!

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bacteria vaginosis???

i really think i have bacteria vaginosis again. i went to the doctor to get medicine for it but it came back i feel like i have this and a yeast infection at the same time because on and of it itches, burning urine, it feels the same but why does it come back? did i maybe not take enough medication? is there a temporary relief i can use until my oppointment?

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  1. Little says:

    Go get more meds. Don't finish taking them until they are all gone. Try drinking lots of water and cranberry juice maybe.

  2. kyukyu99 says:

    It sounds like you could also have a bladder infection. It could be that the medication they gave you was not strong enough, or you were not on in long enough. I would go back to the doctor and tell them what is happening and let them give you more meds.

    Another thing to consider is, if you have already gone one course of antibiotics, that could be the source of your yeast infection. Many women get yeast infections while on antibiotics. Ask your doctor for a sample cream or pill for the yeast infection before you ever take anitbiotics again. Doing that will save you a lot of pain and discomfort, and since it is so common, the doctor will have no problem giving you that.

    You may want to also see if you can be tested for a bladder infection.

    Good luck…

  3. Olimpia 2066 says:

    Don't wear tight jeans that may rid up. Don't leave pads or tampons in over 3 hours at a time. Use a store bought medication with the medicated tablets inserts.

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