anal itching with hard bumps and foul odor and discharge from my vagina?


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i figured i'd try this before i go to the gyn. its very uncomfortable. i guess i've been noticing these symptoms for a few months. i have ONE boyfriend and have been with him for almost 2 years now and we're both strictly faithful. i don't think its an std but the symptoms seem like it.

i first started noticing bumps on my anus. they are hard and i've 'popped' them twice. what came out was a waxy smelly ball. as of the past month there has been a foul odor and a yellowish-clear discharge. when i clean my butt and genitals (EVERY DAY with antibacterial soap) i notice the same foul odor on the loofa.

i know this sounds like a lot of different things, i feel like it must be SOMETHING. the only thing that really satisfys is an itch. i know that probably isn't the best solution so please help!

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  1. Sounds very much like a STD…sorry. You should have been to the doctor like yesterday.

  2. that's extremely graphic. you know kids read this stuff? but anyways, just go to the gyno. that is deffently not normal and it could get worse.

  3. If it's not an STD, then it could be a Staph infection. But I really think it's an STD. I've seen many women with the same symptoms and it was an STD. Go to the dr. ASAP!!!!! Health clinic or something. You don't know that someone is faithful, unless u are with them every second of every day.

  4. This doesn't necessarily mean that it is an STD. I would recommend the women's feminine cleansers, rather than the soap. The thing to keep in mind is that antibacterial soap is supposed to kill ALL bacteria. If it kills all bacteria, it could be killing your normal bacteria on your body. Try eating yogurt to fight the yeast infection. The Lactobacillus in the yogurt can help fight the infection. You definitely need to throw out the soap and loofa. Bacteria can also grow on the soap. (Amazing, huh) Whatever you do, do not pop the bumps. Popping will only spread the bacteria. At this point, you and your boyfriend need to stop being sexually active until you are treated. Guys can obtain yeasts infections without symptoms and carry it to women. And how are the undergarments being washed and are they being dried completely? One of the most unclean things in the world is wet laundry so you might want to back track with the undergarments. If this is an STD you could have gotten it from a public restroom…I'm not kidding. If pain and irritation persists after trying what I have told you, see a healthcare provider. Good luck with this!

  5. this is not offensive to me….and kids shouldnt be reading this section anyways…so my advice to you is…see the may well be something easily treated….to all other readers..this women section is for women and men who wish to ask and answer adult questions…if kids read this section then the parents should be watching these kids so that they dont go into sites not appropiate for them….good luck with this..wish you well

  6. Well i need some advice
    my friend she is 16 yrs old and has her period since she was 12 and she is still a virgin. she noticed that she had lil bumps on the inside on the side of her vagina and a fishy odor and a ilear discharge wen it dries its yellow what does that mean what r the syptoms for that she is scared and she doesnt sjnow what to do she cant go to her mom

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