38 weeks pregnant and vaginal odor? TMI?


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I’ll be 38 weeks pregnant with my second tomorrow. As of the 21st, I am 3cm dilated, a -2 station, and 75% effaced. I’ve had this weird icky smelling discharge (or maybe it’s even sweat, who knows) down there and have no idea what it is. I shower about twice a day though and take care of myself down there. It is NOT an infection for all of my test results have come back negative and I’ve had this the last few times I’ve been checked so I can pretty much guarantee there is no rip in my bag. I’ve had hemorrhoids for a while, so I was thinking that maybe it can be the smell of sweat? It’s not so much of a discharge at times either because I’ve been dry (TMI) so I’ve really had no discharge. Sometimes I get something on my underwear but it’s not where the vagina opening is. It’s more on the front of my underwear as opposed to the panty part if that makes sense. So again, I’m guessing it’s sweat?

With this pregnancy, I am pretty much all baby and have only gained about 30lbs so I’m pretty small, so it’s not like I’m carrying extra weight and sweat like some heavy people do.

Any ideas?
I’ve tried the powder and it did help a bit until it would get clumpy after sweating again. I also use the Tucks wipes after every not only BM but every time I pee too. I’ve mentioned to the doc and she just tells me I have no infection and that it’s more than likely normal.
I’m 22. My body isn’t changing, I assure you that.

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  1. well i would say your right about the sweat being pregnant and all your can really work up a sweat..just try to keep dry you could use some baby powder..just a little bit,..not alot
    you can still sweat because of your hormones and just being extra warm because you pregnant

  2. it sounds like sweat to me because of where you say it is on your underwear. have you talked to your ob about it and gotten his/her opinion?

  3. i know some one who has the same problem but she is not pregnant. yes it’s like a discharge and smells and it is on the upper part of the panties her mother said her body is changing. so maybe that’s your problem..

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