33 Weeks pregnant – vaginal discharge yellow then fluid like?


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Yesterday morning I had a white vaginal discharge followed by a small yellow watery discharge. That then disappeared but then intermittently through the day I had a clear water type discharge. It was not allot but enough to soil my panties.
Now this morning everything seems to be back to normal with just the white discharge I have been having all along through pregnancy.
Any ideas what the yellow discharge followed by some clear watery discharge could be. The worry for me at the moment is amniotic leakage. I am seeing the doc next week and not sure if I should get it seen to sooner. Baby movements seem fine.

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  1. theres a high chance it was just wee! you are quite far along in your pregnancy and this can happen now without you realizing! plus amniotic fluid is clear unless the baby has pooped then its a green colour. best thing to do is maybe wear a pantie liner and then you can record how often this is happening and tell your doctor next week. the discharge is normal throughout pregnancy and so nothing to worry about. if you are very worried though then go and see a doctor earlier

    good luck

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