28 weeks pregnant increased vaginal discharge?


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i am almost 29 weeks pregnant and tonight i have had a lot of incrased vaginal discharge no funny smells are colors though so i don’t think it’s an infection. this is just my second pregnancy and i never had that with my first pregnancy. Anyone know what might be going on?

oh i also have a lil cramping feeling on my left side of my stomach.

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  1. Vaginal discharge doesn’t necessarily have to smell when there is an infection present. We have a very sensitive balance in there and one thing can tip it one way or the other. When I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis (yuck I know) I didn’t have any of the usual symptoms I had normal colored discharge (except more of it) no itching or anything like that I just had some cramping. Its important to go get checked out because some infections can set off early labor and we don’t want that.

    Other possible explanations, every pregnancy is different so what was normal for you last time may not be the normal this time around. But it is definitely worth a call to your doctor 🙂 Hope I helped

  2. U might be getting infection it may be fungal,bacterial look the discharge is it yellow , pink , brown in colour. if it is white, then not to worry about but 4 rest give special attention specially when there is foul smell.infection during pregnancy is common so consult ur doc.

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