26 weeks pregnant and diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis?


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I've apparently had it for a few weeks… at first the doctor diagnosed me with a yeast infection I used the 7 day treatment as directed then today… the 7th day I noticed I was swollen and irritated still and by chance the nurse calls me and tells me I have bacterial vaginosis.
Im pretty mad at them for having me go through a yeast infection treatment needlessly especially during pregnancy .. I've had symptoms of pre-term labor with this pregnancy already aside from this… and now hearing this is scaring the crap out of me since its apparent I've had it for several weeks untreated.

Im just starting the antibiotics now…..I am aware of what it is but my question is,,,,, did anyone else have this and end up with a pre-term delivery???? How much do I need to be concerned with this? I've read up on it even before I got the offical diagnosis since I suspected it while treating myself for a yeast infection.

P.S this is my third pregnancy.

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  1. I had to deal with both during my entire pregnancy and I had a healthy girl born on her due date! I was opposite from you because they treated me for bacterial vaginosis and then called me almost a week later and told me it was a yeast infection and everything turned out fine. Don;t worry yourself and good luck!

  2. im sorry your doctor made such a mistake i would be just as angry…
    i had bacterial vaginosis for 3 years without knowing it…. come to find out its really common (and nothing really to worry your self over) and easily taken care of what ( i was alergic to both medications) helped me was trying to change my underwear at least 3 times a day i changed my soap to soft soaps and made sure that i got all the soap rinced off i stoped wearing thongs and changed to panties and it helped a lot to wear loose clothing until the swelling and irration went down…. best to not itch it (shaving you mound does not help best to stop) and use the medications they give you if they work… but seriously its nothing to really worry about all it is is a bacteria build up as for your quesiton… my Best Friend had it durning her second trimester of her pregnancy …. and she never had any problems with her baby of course she was a little over due but thats just happened naturally but she had a beautiful healthy baby girl in the end…
    hope this helps

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