2 months pregnant with alot of discharge and itchy vagina?


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i haven’t been to the doctors yet but i took a home pregnancy test and it came out positive so i think im about 2 months but i am having alot of discharge to where my underwear are soaked and my vagina itches alot what could this mean?

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  1. it sounds like thrush . its normal in pregnancy , but you will need to see the doctor so he can sort you out hope i was a help

  2. discharge is normal in pregnancy but it could be you have thrush which is easily treated

  3. you have a yeast infection hun, just go buy Monostat Yeast Infection Cream and do as the instructions tell you, Yeat Infections are pretty common with pregnant women, a lot of it has to do with your changing hormonesb but you’ll be fine :]

  4. I don’t have enough points but the person before me is right. You have a yeast infection and you need to get a Monitat Cream because, when you go to doctor he is going to tell you the same thing. They can’t give you a pill to make it go away because your pregnant and don’t want to harm the baby.

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